Monday, 29 September 2008

New Brief - Visual Communication in Context 2

To promote understanding and application of the principle of visual identification systems in an historical, cultural and business context.
To further develop your visual thinking and practical skills in order to produce professional and creative design solutions.
To promote understanding of how identity programmes in a professional environment are implemented across a range of business and promotional material.


Whats the point in PPRD....
To consolidate skills in planning and time management.
To encourage critical reflection and self evaluation.
To contextualize your learning in preparation for employment or level three study.
Through-out my second year i have again been asked to complete the unit: Personal Planning Reflection and Development. This unit asks me to keep an up to-date blog of my work. This will prove helpful as i can assess the my work, see where my weakness's are and then improve on them. Hopefully this unit will help me stay organized with my work. My main downfall last year was time management, I need to improve on this area greatly. Overall i am looking forward to starting this new Visual Communication year. I want to achieve a good mark, and have work that i am proud off. I will push myself further and keep my idea's generating and progressing.