Sunday, 8 March 2009

PPRD- Year Evaluation

The Year seems to be coming to a end really quickly. I need to summerise my year so far.....
The year so far. Its gone OKAYish….. I started off this year on a pretty poor mark ( visual communication in Context 2- 44). Since that I received a 58 for screen Based communication. Which I am much happier with. All though I have only completed two units, I have also completed a competition brief : PJ’s . I have also completed a Live Brief: Hope for Children – Charity website. So i have still managed to get quite a bit done and a few new pieces into my portfolio.

My favorite unit this year, was the Animal packaging brief. This unit allowed me to be really creative and become a much more logically thinker. Packaging and product design was something i considered doing a few years ago. I did it a couple of time through my A levels. Something i would defently look into doing again for future briefs.

My main aim now is too give the FMP everything i have got left in me. Only got a few more weeks left on it. I must push myself and get the most out of it. I need to be hitting top 50's
The other main concern of mine is the essay. I am perticularly poor at writing essays so this is a difficult unit for me. The essay has had a poor start but it so important i get on top of it and stay on top of it. I need to be getting at least 50 to progress to the next year.

Really looking forward to moving on (hopefully) to 3rd year Graphic Design. I feel my understand of graphic design has grown massively over the last two years. My understanding of typography and layout has grown hugely. My passion for the subject is just getting stronger and stronger with every unit i complete. I have had some ups and down over the last two years, but they have taught me lessons about my self and the way that i work and make decisions.


This is my newly updated CV. I have also re designed it so it says something more about me when an potential employer looks at it. I have used Rockwell and helvetica as the two typefaces. Rockwell makes great looking heading and title and looks typographically interesting.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

D&AD PJ's Smoothies

PJ's Smoothie- Damn its been a long time...... Myself Chris Ben and Ali have been really busy getting all our FMP kick started.

Its PPRD hand in, in a couple of days, and i think we have deiceded not to enter out PJ's attempts. I think its a real shame, because we had some really strong and clever concepts. I think we can all admit the group that we chose to do this Competition Brief in just wasnt working. Too many problems settling down and sticking to an idea. We spent so much time having the same conversation again again and again, just trying to get out direction clear.

So it has come to this. These are two of the outcome we did manage to get done. They aren't bad, but they are no where near great and they have a lot of work to be done before they can be called finished.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

FMP - Progress

Final Major Project, lalalalala. Starting to slow down the pace at the moment, which isnt good! But i have been really busy getting my PPRD (this blog) finnished & Learning proposal & PJ's Smoothie, Anna's Essay and the Hope Brief. Ow and i had a crack at tasty marketing.

But basically i need to start to get back on to track with the FMP. I have a really nice concept i just am getting bored and bogged down by all the research. I often feel like , what else is there to research into??? I just need to keep pushing and pushing my idea. I had the idea of re-designing the london underground map or new york subway for dyslexic people. The tube systems are complicated enough withoout having confusing maps.

Think i might have to see if i can alter my learning proposal, like i mentioned in a earlier post.