Tuesday, 16 December 2008

HOPE - Live Brief

I've found a live brief....
This brief was offered to me through my fathers design company Saffron. Which i shall develop and design by my self but i will be going int the studio to create the website. This is because this brief requires to use software and tools that i have not yet been taught. So i will be learning the required programs and tools whilst completing this brief.

Hope is a small charity that requires me to design a microsite for a new campaign 'titter for a tenner'. I previously have worked with Royal British Legion another charity, i had to design a poster campaign for them in my first year. I can use the experience gained from this charity brief and expand on it. This website requires me to use HTML, CSS. My knowledge of this software is growing, and it would be nice to have the chance to do some more web design. As i have decided to use Adobe Flash to create my current university brief ' Screen based Communication (online portfolio)' it will be good to get experience in both web design programs.


Project Overview
Titter for a Tenner is a fund raising initiative on behalf of HOPE for Children to be launched in March/April 2009. A microsite and logo will be required for the project in order to promote the initiative, provide information, capture information and raise the profile of HOPE.

HOPE for Children is a low cost, no frills charity, so 100% of money donated by individuals is spent for the benefit of children.
The charity aims to
- assist children, who suffer through being handicapped, orphaned, poor and exploited in particular those living in developing countries.
- promote and advance children's rights to basic necessities, including education and healthcare
- provide practical support which allows children to grow up within their own families and communities.

Titter for a Tenner is a new initiative to raise money for HOPE and the microsite will be the main anchor for the campaign. The idea is that people perform a random act of comedy for friends, family or work colleagues in order to raise £10.The aim is to get 10,000 people to raise just a tenner each.

Microsite address will be www.titterforatenner.com

Design and build of the Titter for a Tenner microsite and Titter for a Tenner logo to be used across other communications. Site needs to be able to link to something like Utube so that people can see lots of clips of their favourite comedians strutting their stuff for Titter for a Tenner. We want people to be able to sign up online so that we can email them their very own comedy pack.As we are aiming to sign up 10,000 people, some sort of counter might work well (although recognise this could be a hostage to fortune!)

Target Market
Adults and children alike (ideally with a sense of humour!). With the growing sense of social responsibility prevalent these days as well as the doom and gloom merchants in the recession corner, this initiative combines an opportunity for people to do their bit for charity and bring some laughter into people’s lives.The site is aimed both at those people who are going to make their friends/family laugh as well as those donating the money.The reason for setting the sponsorship at a tenner is to make this accessible to those often put off by the high entry thresholds of other organised charity events and to be sensitive to the current economic climate.

Design guidelines
As the site will be aimed at children, it needs to be something really simple, but quite bright as well easy to use. Given the fairly broad target market, simplicity is key as we don’t want people put off by too much technology or a site that takes ages to load. There does need to be some link to HOPE so that we are raising profile for the charity as well.

Brand guidelines
Copy of HOPE logo available and see website design at www.hope-4-children.org
Needs to be compatible with the HOPE logo which in itself is quite simple in its design.
Need to ascertain if any other guidelines but unlikely. Suggest Arial as typeface.

Other communications
Project will also be supported by PR.
Celebrity endorsement – a number of famous comedians will be participating including Jo Brand and Stephen Fry

- initial designs early January
- approval late January
- site build February
- site approval early March
- launch end March/early April

Georgette Harrison
15 Dec. 08

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Visual Communication In Context

Got the feedback from the visual communication in context unit.
Check this out. How do you think i feel about my work right now.
Motivation and morale just hit the floor.
I really thought that i had produced some good work, when it turns out i was producing work that just about kept me out of referral/failing. This is a major blow to the self esteem and its really making me consider if a 3rd year should be a option. Should i cut my losses now and give up on the 3rd year??

- Best thing i can try do now, is forget about this mark and try my hardest to push my ideas and build up more motivation and really try to show that i can do this.
- Going to sleep this one off, and start fresh with my new website brief.

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today at uni we had a guest lecturer (Mike) from Farnham Art Collage in to speak to us about out progression with the competition briefs. The team and i had a discussion and idea generation with Neil and Mike. The feel that we are getting from this brief is that we shouldn't be looking at making the price or the fruit the focus of our campaign. Our main task is communicating with out target audience. We need to spend some time research and investigating into how other companies have done this. A few other campaigns we have looked at are; Red Bull, Tango, Tizer, Sprite. These 4 companies have all used fun and humorous themes through many of there campaigns, this way of marketing appeals to the 16-25 age group that we are looking to target.

Our first idea; to have a play on the word 'innocent' which are the major smoothie brand in the UK and they are PJ's number one competitor. Something like ' being innocent is OK, but being proper jolly is better' (proper jolly- one of pj's current captions). And an image of a bottle with horns and a viper tail made from fruit. - for a first idea i think its a good place to start, very light hearted and humorous. Also a good way to have a cheeky dig at innocent smoothies....


Monday, 1 December 2008


I have decided to work on the PJ's Smoothies brief in a team with 3 other students from my course. I am hoping that we as a team can create a really strong concept and push are ideas as far as possible to achieve a decent finished product.
The PJ's Smoothie Brief:
Create an outdoor poster campaign that makes the PJ’s brand appealing,
accessible and trendy.
Target audience
On the go, 16-25 year olds (55% male, 45% female) who have better
things to do than worry about eating the right things. They want to
enjoy fruit and get the health benefits, without the hassle of eating it.
They are predominantly university students / young professionals with
limited money to spend on luxuries. However, kids at school also want
to be a part of the brand because it’s slightly older and is a trendy
brand to drink.
- Between one and three different posters suitable for outdoor formats.
- Include a pack shot of the smoothie

In the group we established what we need to research into to further our knowledge about the brand and it competitors. initail ideas where to use fun and humorous tone of voice and make slightyly comical posters. As a team we plan to have a tutorail to work out the best possible ways to pursue the brief.