Monday, 1 December 2008


I have decided to work on the PJ's Smoothies brief in a team with 3 other students from my course. I am hoping that we as a team can create a really strong concept and push are ideas as far as possible to achieve a decent finished product.
The PJ's Smoothie Brief:
Create an outdoor poster campaign that makes the PJ’s brand appealing,
accessible and trendy.
Target audience
On the go, 16-25 year olds (55% male, 45% female) who have better
things to do than worry about eating the right things. They want to
enjoy fruit and get the health benefits, without the hassle of eating it.
They are predominantly university students / young professionals with
limited money to spend on luxuries. However, kids at school also want
to be a part of the brand because it’s slightly older and is a trendy
brand to drink.
- Between one and three different posters suitable for outdoor formats.
- Include a pack shot of the smoothie

In the group we established what we need to research into to further our knowledge about the brand and it competitors. initail ideas where to use fun and humorous tone of voice and make slightyly comical posters. As a team we plan to have a tutorail to work out the best possible ways to pursue the brief.