Friday, 28 November 2008


Online Portfolio Coming Soon....
My online portfolio should consist of 4 main pages; Home, Portfolio, Contact and Biography. I need this website to reflect my own work so that potential employers or clients can see my styles of design and what i am capable of doing. The design work i will include is 4 paintings i have done and all the print and screen based work i have done since starting Visual Communication. I also need to include my full contact details; telephone, email and writing address. I also need to have a short biography letting the viewer no a little about my life and education background. For further information people will be able to download a PDF of my CV. I will also have several links to my flickr account and online blog.

Things to consider when making my online portfolio:
- You have 3seconds to attract the viewer to a webpage, make the website very simple to navigate around, and keep clicks to a minimum. The information the viewer wants should be no more than 3 clicks away and easy to find.
-960px *600px is a good size to make a website, should fill the average persons browser screen.
- Be aware of websafe colours and websafe fonts.
- Photos and images of work need to be saved for web.
- Website needs to stay a small file size so it loads quickly.

I am going to continue researching and developing my understand of the WWW and the further my knowledge in webdesign programs so i can choose the appropriate software. I also need to develop my personal idenity to brand my website and myself as a designer, i can use this branding on this blogger account as well.