Sunday, 8 March 2009

PPRD- Year Evaluation

The Year seems to be coming to a end really quickly. I need to summerise my year so far.....
The year so far. Its gone OKAYish….. I started off this year on a pretty poor mark ( visual communication in Context 2- 44). Since that I received a 58 for screen Based communication. Which I am much happier with. All though I have only completed two units, I have also completed a competition brief : PJ’s . I have also completed a Live Brief: Hope for Children – Charity website. So i have still managed to get quite a bit done and a few new pieces into my portfolio.

My favorite unit this year, was the Animal packaging brief. This unit allowed me to be really creative and become a much more logically thinker. Packaging and product design was something i considered doing a few years ago. I did it a couple of time through my A levels. Something i would defently look into doing again for future briefs.

My main aim now is too give the FMP everything i have got left in me. Only got a few more weeks left on it. I must push myself and get the most out of it. I need to be hitting top 50's
The other main concern of mine is the essay. I am perticularly poor at writing essays so this is a difficult unit for me. The essay has had a poor start but it so important i get on top of it and stay on top of it. I need to be getting at least 50 to progress to the next year.

Really looking forward to moving on (hopefully) to 3rd year Graphic Design. I feel my understand of graphic design has grown massively over the last two years. My understanding of typography and layout has grown hugely. My passion for the subject is just getting stronger and stronger with every unit i complete. I have had some ups and down over the last two years, but they have taught me lessons about my self and the way that i work and make decisions.


This is my newly updated CV. I have also re designed it so it says something more about me when an potential employer looks at it. I have used Rockwell and helvetica as the two typefaces. Rockwell makes great looking heading and title and looks typographically interesting.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

D&AD PJ's Smoothies

PJ's Smoothie- Damn its been a long time...... Myself Chris Ben and Ali have been really busy getting all our FMP kick started.

Its PPRD hand in, in a couple of days, and i think we have deiceded not to enter out PJ's attempts. I think its a real shame, because we had some really strong and clever concepts. I think we can all admit the group that we chose to do this Competition Brief in just wasnt working. Too many problems settling down and sticking to an idea. We spent so much time having the same conversation again again and again, just trying to get out direction clear.

So it has come to this. These are two of the outcome we did manage to get done. They aren't bad, but they are no where near great and they have a lot of work to be done before they can be called finished.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

FMP - Progress

Final Major Project, lalalalala. Starting to slow down the pace at the moment, which isnt good! But i have been really busy getting my PPRD (this blog) finnished & Learning proposal & PJ's Smoothie, Anna's Essay and the Hope Brief. Ow and i had a crack at tasty marketing.

But basically i need to start to get back on to track with the FMP. I have a really nice concept i just am getting bored and bogged down by all the research. I often feel like , what else is there to research into??? I just need to keep pushing and pushing my idea. I had the idea of re-designing the london underground map or new york subway for dyslexic people. The tube systems are complicated enough withoout having confusing maps.

Think i might have to see if i can alter my learning proposal, like i mentioned in a earlier post.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hope - Live Brief

This is the result of my live brief that i completed with Saffron - The design group that i worked with over the summer as part of my placement. I think the website designed is really successful, there are a few area's that need to be finished (some oThis is the result of my live brief that i completed with Saffron - The design group that i worked with over the summer as part of my placement. I think the website designed is really successful, there are a few area's that need to be finished (some of the text is still lorem ispum). But the main body and all the coding is complete.

We took a really friendly approach for this work. My Father the head of the design team at saffron found it particularly hard to get started on this brief because it was so unlike what he is use to doing. He is very familiar with doing boring financial reports and boring website, this was a opportunity for me and him to work on something a little more fun.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009


Mmmmmm... Tasty Marketing
Matt Desmier has given us another live brief to work on if we choose. I think i will have a attempt at this one, as its only small and wont take too long to complete, Its also another thing to add to my portfolio. The brief is to design a logo for 'Tasty marketing'. Tasty marketing is a new small marketing team based in Bournemouth, Dorset.
I started jotting down some ideas this morning. This is what i came up with on paper:

Thursday, 19 February 2009

FMP-Learning Agreement

Just finishing writing of my learning agreement. At the back of the unit handbook/brief the learning agreement writing guideline has been very helpful. When i was originally told we needed to write a learning agreement, i didn't have a clue what to do. But this guideline booklet has really saved the day.

I might need adjust my learning agreement at some stage, i worry i haven't been open enough with my chosen outcomes. I have specifically stated that i will be creating a typeface and a set of symbols. I want to re- write this it states that i am will be making material that will help aid people with dyslexia and reading and writing problems.

Screen Based Communication 2


I am reasonably happy with the result i achieved on this unit (58). It has pulled my average off the floor a little bit and it means i have a bit more of a chance coming of this course with a better mark. I now need to focus all my time making the FMP as strong as possible.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


What A Wonderful Waste Of A Day
Had a presentation of ideas today at university. Probably the biggest waste of my life. Didn't achieve anything from this other than killing 6 hours of my valuable time. The presentations where supposed to be a max of 1 minute long, 40 people in my class so i was happy thinking that it would be over within a hour. Now 6 hours later, i cant be bothered to do anymore work. This blog alone is making me want to shoot myself in the foot. So i am calling it a night, Good Night :(
This is what i showed today:

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Just when i manage to get up to date with my live briefs, competition briefs, PPRD, we get given a essay to complete. This essay is part of my bridging unit over into the Graphic Design Degree next year.I need to obtain at least 50% to get onto the course, so lets hope i get it done. First things first, i need to work out what it is I'm writing about. I want to do something related to my FMP this is so my research can be combined. Somethings along the lines of ' how designers communicate with type to people with learning disabilities'. I'm going to pop along over to learning support so they can give me some pointers about how to write this essay. I am also gonna send a email to Anna(unit leader) suggesting possible titles just to see what she thinks about it, before i get started on it. So this unit is properly my least favourite thing in the world but its pretty important, you could say....

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Creative Brief.
Just a quick look inside my head. This is a idea that i am thinking about running with for my final major project.
Intail Ideas
For my professional project I want to create a new typeface designed for and aimed at people that suffer from learning difficulties, specifically reading.

Reading difficulties can come from various sorts of neurological reasons, I will research into these so that I can create the best outcome possible, and most importantly an outcome that will work and communicate successfully with people that have various learning difficulties. There are various things I need consider- mainly, shape and colour. And how the brain interprets what it sees and makes the link.

What / Where / Why

A typeface designed so people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia can read and understand what is printed clearly and with ease. Not only will I look at the A-Z alphabet but look at designing symbols that could be used in a public environment e.g. airports / hospitals. The reason I believe this would be a good project to work on, is it will broader my understanding of typography, my research would teach me how to communicate to people with learning difficulties. Which I could then use in future design ideas.


The essay that I am completing as another part of my FdA can relate to this.
Potential essay titles;
‘ How graphic designers communicate using type and image to people with learning difficulties’
‘ The effect typography has on people with learning difficulties ’


Type spec – A-Z Alphabet
New symbols to be used in various environments (hospitals / airports)

Its time to start.......

Its the start of my professional, pretty excited but nervous about starting it. Need to get back into the right mindset so i can think of a good base idea, and i can start my research immediately. As i have said in prevouis posts i want to make sure i choose a idea that i will be happy doing for the next 12 weeks.
- i will list my varouis different ideas on this blog, and i will keep my blog up to date of my progress and development though this unit.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today we spent the morning taking photos of the PJ's smoothie bottle in various situations. We want to show the brand being drunk from our target audience. The photo we have taken show people relaxing after a long day drinking a smoothie, a person waking up in the morning and starting there day drinking a smoothie. We also placed a smoothie bottle onto a miniature leather sofa, so we could eliminate the person and just show the smoothie in full focus.
We now all want to edit and alter the photos and make the pj's bottle colour and the rest to be in the black and white.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Hope - Live Brief

Just a couple of rough mock ups, Get a feel for what the website might/needs to look like! What it needs and all the shizzz.
I have been sent most of the content now and i have received the Hope Logo in full resolution now too :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Busy busy busy... today the team met up and continued working on the D&AD - PJ's smoothie brief. Individually we have all been really busy with live briefs and the screen based communication unit we have just completed. We've got a week now till we are handed our final brief of the course (our professional project). This is a great opportunity to get cracking and finish the live brief i have and the D&AD brief i have been working on as part of a team. We spent a few hours brainstorming our ideas again, just so the project is fresh in the mind and our goal is clear. We spent a while drawing out sketches and making mock ups in illustrator and photoshop. I have made up the idea i spoke about in my last D&AD blog post and it looked OK- still in much need of developing and expanding. To give us the best chance of handing in a successfull outcome we need to keep pushing and pushing our ideas- A few more suggestions that were made;
  • Using washes and splashes of colour to make poster vibrant and exciting.
  • The use of soft curved type to carry on the companies style.
  • Showing the fruit thats in the bottle.
  • Humorous taglines- stick in the mind
  • Show sport and leisure activities to make brand more apealing to target auidence.
  • Fruit and colour exploding out of the PJ's bottle.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

SBC2 - Online Portfolio - Evaluation

The module Screenbased communication required me to show my understanding of webdesign and branding. I needed to come up with a branding identity for myself " Robert Houliston design " and create a website (online portfolio). I feel this project went reasonably well, i have managed to create a simple yet effective website that communicates my work in a professional manor. I started by researching into the world wide web and varouis different ways that you could make a website. Different software such as text wrangler, dreamweaver and flash. After doing this i spent some time re learning the programs, it has been awhile since i had used flash or dreamweaver and i needed to get back into them. I selected Adobe Flash as the programme to create my site. After Working this out i started designing my personal identity. I did this by looking at the work i have done and i found commonalities in my work, such as the use of greyscale, my love for helvetica :) and strong contrasts throughout my work. I designed my identity which now looks simpliar to the one at the top of this blog. With this 'logo' the colour scheme came quite easily.

The colour scheme
The reason i deiceded to use CYMK and Greyscale is becuase most of my work is very simple and often uses dark greys and blacks and occasionaly alot of blank space, I thought by using this colours and the layout that i went with it would contrast the work that i have to show in my porfolio.

Getting my gallery right is esstentail to the website. i wanted my work to shown off inthe best possible way.Due to file size restrictions( because i didnt want to take forever to load) i used the thumbnails as a little divider from the menu and where the full sie images will be. This works quite well i think, but i dont think i should have left the blank thumbnails there. The contact and biography pages are kept really simple, a short paragraphy about myself, and my contacts details - its as simple as that! I want to focus of the website to be my actual work so i have kept everything else really plain and simple.

What i am going to change.
Things that i need to change and reconsider before making it a fully live website with my own domain name ( Adding a copywrite,changin the gallery slightly so the images can be bigger and the thumbnails need repositioning. I am going to be remaking the website in HTML and CSS. Something i have noticed since handing in my webdesign is that my flash document is quite diffuclt to change as their is action script all over the place. I think i will be spending some time at my fathers design studio to re make it on Dreamweaver or Textwrangler. I will still include some flash.

Friday, 16 January 2009

SBC2 - Online Portfolio - Final Critique

Final critique for the website today.
  • Personal identity needs to be readdressed.
  • Bring back splash page.
  • Name needs to be clear - Pretty important.
  • Contact page - Change Email and Telephone to (e- and t-) everyone will know what the letters mean, the whole word isn't necessary.
  • I need to also put a stop after the personal identity appears - It should only progress to the next page if it has been click on.
I've still got loads to do, the pace of this unit has really slowed down for me , which isn't good as it is horribly near to hand in. Tonight i am going to work out what i need to do and spend all my time working on the essential things i need to get done.

Friday, 9 January 2009

SBC2 - Online Portfolio - Interim Critique

Had another presentation of my work today, Kit Johnson lead the critique. The feedback i recieved is as followed:
  • Speed up animation with my identity
  • Home button. Load back to homepage- increase navigation. Should it go back to the splash page or the main page with the menu?
  • I need to change 'Gallery' with 'Portfolio' - Porfolio is a much better and professional way of naming my work. And this website is my online portfolio so it would be more relvent.
I'm really happy with the way my website is starting to look, however, it is in much need of development and i need to push my ideas further. This website is a key part of my communication to clients and professionals that i will be asking to employee me. So it is vital i make i good impression with my online portfolio.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

HOPE - Live Brief

I've found a live brief....
This brief was offered to me through my fathers design company Saffron. Which i shall develop and design by my self but i will be going int the studio to create the website. This is because this brief requires to use software and tools that i have not yet been taught. So i will be learning the required programs and tools whilst completing this brief.

Hope is a small charity that requires me to design a microsite for a new campaign 'titter for a tenner'. I previously have worked with Royal British Legion another charity, i had to design a poster campaign for them in my first year. I can use the experience gained from this charity brief and expand on it. This website requires me to use HTML, CSS. My knowledge of this software is growing, and it would be nice to have the chance to do some more web design. As i have decided to use Adobe Flash to create my current university brief ' Screen based Communication (online portfolio)' it will be good to get experience in both web design programs.


Project Overview
Titter for a Tenner is a fund raising initiative on behalf of HOPE for Children to be launched in March/April 2009. A microsite and logo will be required for the project in order to promote the initiative, provide information, capture information and raise the profile of HOPE.

HOPE for Children is a low cost, no frills charity, so 100% of money donated by individuals is spent for the benefit of children.
The charity aims to
- assist children, who suffer through being handicapped, orphaned, poor and exploited in particular those living in developing countries.
- promote and advance children's rights to basic necessities, including education and healthcare
- provide practical support which allows children to grow up within their own families and communities.

Titter for a Tenner is a new initiative to raise money for HOPE and the microsite will be the main anchor for the campaign. The idea is that people perform a random act of comedy for friends, family or work colleagues in order to raise £10.The aim is to get 10,000 people to raise just a tenner each.

Microsite address will be

Design and build of the Titter for a Tenner microsite and Titter for a Tenner logo to be used across other communications. Site needs to be able to link to something like Utube so that people can see lots of clips of their favourite comedians strutting their stuff for Titter for a Tenner. We want people to be able to sign up online so that we can email them their very own comedy pack.As we are aiming to sign up 10,000 people, some sort of counter might work well (although recognise this could be a hostage to fortune!)

Target Market
Adults and children alike (ideally with a sense of humour!). With the growing sense of social responsibility prevalent these days as well as the doom and gloom merchants in the recession corner, this initiative combines an opportunity for people to do their bit for charity and bring some laughter into people’s lives.The site is aimed both at those people who are going to make their friends/family laugh as well as those donating the money.The reason for setting the sponsorship at a tenner is to make this accessible to those often put off by the high entry thresholds of other organised charity events and to be sensitive to the current economic climate.

Design guidelines
As the site will be aimed at children, it needs to be something really simple, but quite bright as well easy to use. Given the fairly broad target market, simplicity is key as we don’t want people put off by too much technology or a site that takes ages to load. There does need to be some link to HOPE so that we are raising profile for the charity as well.

Brand guidelines
Copy of HOPE logo available and see website design at
Needs to be compatible with the HOPE logo which in itself is quite simple in its design.
Need to ascertain if any other guidelines but unlikely. Suggest Arial as typeface.

Other communications
Project will also be supported by PR.
Celebrity endorsement – a number of famous comedians will be participating including Jo Brand and Stephen Fry

- initial designs early January
- approval late January
- site build February
- site approval early March
- launch end March/early April

Georgette Harrison
15 Dec. 08

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Visual Communication In Context

Got the feedback from the visual communication in context unit.
Check this out. How do you think i feel about my work right now.
Motivation and morale just hit the floor.
I really thought that i had produced some good work, when it turns out i was producing work that just about kept me out of referral/failing. This is a major blow to the self esteem and its really making me consider if a 3rd year should be a option. Should i cut my losses now and give up on the 3rd year??

- Best thing i can try do now, is forget about this mark and try my hardest to push my ideas and build up more motivation and really try to show that i can do this.
- Going to sleep this one off, and start fresh with my new website brief.

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today at uni we had a guest lecturer (Mike) from Farnham Art Collage in to speak to us about out progression with the competition briefs. The team and i had a discussion and idea generation with Neil and Mike. The feel that we are getting from this brief is that we shouldn't be looking at making the price or the fruit the focus of our campaign. Our main task is communicating with out target audience. We need to spend some time research and investigating into how other companies have done this. A few other campaigns we have looked at are; Red Bull, Tango, Tizer, Sprite. These 4 companies have all used fun and humorous themes through many of there campaigns, this way of marketing appeals to the 16-25 age group that we are looking to target.

Our first idea; to have a play on the word 'innocent' which are the major smoothie brand in the UK and they are PJ's number one competitor. Something like ' being innocent is OK, but being proper jolly is better' (proper jolly- one of pj's current captions). And an image of a bottle with horns and a viper tail made from fruit. - for a first idea i think its a good place to start, very light hearted and humorous. Also a good way to have a cheeky dig at innocent smoothies....


Monday, 1 December 2008


I have decided to work on the PJ's Smoothies brief in a team with 3 other students from my course. I am hoping that we as a team can create a really strong concept and push are ideas as far as possible to achieve a decent finished product.
The PJ's Smoothie Brief:
Create an outdoor poster campaign that makes the PJ’s brand appealing,
accessible and trendy.
Target audience
On the go, 16-25 year olds (55% male, 45% female) who have better
things to do than worry about eating the right things. They want to
enjoy fruit and get the health benefits, without the hassle of eating it.
They are predominantly university students / young professionals with
limited money to spend on luxuries. However, kids at school also want
to be a part of the brand because it’s slightly older and is a trendy
brand to drink.
- Between one and three different posters suitable for outdoor formats.
- Include a pack shot of the smoothie

In the group we established what we need to research into to further our knowledge about the brand and it competitors. initail ideas where to use fun and humorous tone of voice and make slightyly comical posters. As a team we plan to have a tutorail to work out the best possible ways to pursue the brief.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Online Portfolio Coming Soon....
My online portfolio should consist of 4 main pages; Home, Portfolio, Contact and Biography. I need this website to reflect my own work so that potential employers or clients can see my styles of design and what i am capable of doing. The design work i will include is 4 paintings i have done and all the print and screen based work i have done since starting Visual Communication. I also need to include my full contact details; telephone, email and writing address. I also need to have a short biography letting the viewer no a little about my life and education background. For further information people will be able to download a PDF of my CV. I will also have several links to my flickr account and online blog.

Things to consider when making my online portfolio:
- You have 3seconds to attract the viewer to a webpage, make the website very simple to navigate around, and keep clicks to a minimum. The information the viewer wants should be no more than 3 clicks away and easy to find.
-960px *600px is a good size to make a website, should fill the average persons browser screen.
- Be aware of websafe colours and websafe fonts.
- Photos and images of work need to be saved for web.
- Website needs to stay a small file size so it loads quickly.

I am going to continue researching and developing my understand of the WWW and the further my knowledge in webdesign programs so i can choose the appropriate software. I also need to develop my personal idenity to brand my website and myself as a designer, i can use this branding on this blogger account as well.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

New Brief - Screen Based Communication 2

Al To understand the characteristics of contemporary web-based culture and user-centred

A2 To understand the current state of technology in relation to web design.

A3 To develop analytical skills, organisational skills and creative ability in order to express
ideas and communicate information interactively.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit you will be able to:
LO1 Demonstrate your awareness of the characteristics and elements surrounding the web in
relation to contemporary culture and the user experience.

LO2 Demonstrate your understanding of the technical issues relating to web design.

LO3 Demonstrate your ability to organise and structure creative interactive designs for the

Web Portfolio (LO3)
For this assignment you are to produce a web site that will house your work, acting as an online
portfolio and curriculum vitae.

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Today's is the day i started my competition brief. I have two options to choose from, i can either go down the ISTD route or the D&AD route. My plan is to do one of each, i have already looked through the D&AD briefs and three potential projects appealed to me; Homebase, PJ's Smoothies and Faber & Faber. These projects all require different disciplines, the faber & faber brief requires attention to typography, homebase requires looking into packaging and the PJ's smoothies requires a outdoor poster campaign.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Visual Communication in Context - Evaluation

Handed in the first brief of the year today, felt pretty good. i had a nice body of work to be marked and most importantly work i was happy to be submitted. This first unit was really interesting to work on because it required me to use and develop my different disciplines. In the first part i was required to make a A3 poster that voiced my opinon about a subject that i felt approiate. I choose to base my poster about the idea of people using music to trigger memories. I was really happy with how this first poster turned out. i used really simple illustration and simple type to create a message that communicates clearly. Perhaps now looking back on it, i would have spent more time on the illustration to try convey the message more, my thoughts now would be to use photos and other visual elements that you would classically assiocate with way of triggering memories.
The second part of this unit required me to design and make a set of 6 greeting cards. This was the weakest part of the whole unit that i handed in. Although i like the look of the finished outcome, i feel that more work and research would have pushed this idea forward, and in result have created a better finished product. The film strip element needed more detail to make it more apparent that it was a film strip. The typography that i used on this project i feel worked well, i used the style of script writers and typewriters. By having little ink spills and marks around the type strengthened this look. I can see why i achieved a lower mark for this part of the unit.
The third and final part of the this unit was to create a watch box design. I spent time researching into stustainable materials and what animal as a company are all about. I decieded to use velcro straps to reflect the fact that animal started by making velcro watch straps for surfers. I also designed my box so that the instructions could be printed to the inside of the box to save of papers usage and so that animal could be more ecofriendly, the box was also designed to be made from 100% recyclable paper. I was really happy with how this project went, i was keen to get stuck into something a little more hands on and this project required me to do this. Required a bit more logical thinking about how the box will come togeather and how it will look, this a really enjoyed and is defently something to consider when i come to write my final major project and when i am looking for work after my degree.

I think i need to spend more time on researching my work before executing a outcome. I think this is a point that i really need to focus on now, as it is getting very close to my final major project and its going to require a lot of forward planning and research. And researching is defiantly an area which i dont allocate enough time. When it really should be a/ the prioity as it will in turn push my idea and allow me to create a better outcome.

Some thing to think about - For my final major project, find a why reason!! Make sure i choose a project that isnt going to be short on research, the project is going to be 3 months long and i dont want to get bored off it early on. So need to come up with an idea that will require lots of research. Most importantly it needs to be something i am interested in so i can keep self motivated.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Animal - Final Critique

I had my final critique today for the animal watch box. So far i am really happy with how fast my work is developing, and i think the graphics are looking good. I recieved the following Feedback:
  • Look into spot varnishing,
  • Investigate new colours
  • Reduce the amount of graphics on the outside of the box. So when the box is opened up the graphics are slightly different so adds more interest.
  • The Velcro tabs received lots of positive feedback however, perhaps its worth removing some tabs, so there is not so much velcro on the box, ATM it is quite hard to pull apart and see the inside, so by losing some of the velco tabs this should solve that problem- It might effect the strengh of the box though. So something else to looking into thier.
Overall i was really happy with the feedback i recived, their have been some points raised that i need to consider and develop. :)

Friday, 7 November 2008

Animal - Interim Critique

We had a little critique today. To show the rest of the class how my work is progressing and developing.
Some thoughts that came from the crit where:
Think about paper mechanics, Develop a little device so the watch manages to stay on the holder when the watch box is pulled apart to see the instructions. This will increase the amount of paper being used, but as i am have the box fall apart i want the watch to stay in place if desired.
- Research into elastic bands- i could develop a interesting and clever device.
Perhaps changing and looking into other shapes for the 'box'. The standard square is quite boring so this could be a area of development.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Visual Communication in Context - Animal

Third & Final Task - Animal Watch Box

L03 Demonstrate your ability to extend a visual identity program across a range of business or promotional material for print or screen based design.

Today i was given the 3rd and final task of 'visual communication in context 2'. This brief requires me to design and create a watch box for the UK based surf clothing and accessories company Animal. Animal started out as two surf enthusiasts getting fed up of losing there watches when they surfed so they came up with the waterproof Velcro strap. They started selling these straps to pay for surf trips all over the world.

I need to start by considering my target audience.
Animal watches are aimed at ages 16- upwards. Animal are a very popular clothing company in the extreme sport world, this includes water sports such as windsurfing and snow based sports like snowboarding. - To further my research i will look through relevent magazines and online clothing websites like Billabong and Quiksilver. These are animals main competition and to see how they promote their range will vital to my work. I will also look into other watch manufacturers like Casio, Swatch and others. By looking at the ways they package their watches i will be able to develop mine. Looking into material use and recyclable materials will help me as well.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Greeting Cards- Final Critique

Final critique today!! However was in a pretty bad mood, I was up working till 4 am last night, so i would have a set of six that i will be happy with showing in the crit.
The feedback that i got from todays critique:
-I was firstly criticized for my use of the quotes, apparently they are too violent i however disagree. I feel that the quotes i used appeal the audience i am targeting my work too. So i think i will keep the quotes the same as they. I will try making another set, so i can show that my idea works for films in general and it can be aimed at a wider audience.
-I need to find better film stills for Die hard, Pulp fiction casablanca and the shining- Icon( have the rights to many film stills.)
-Look into film reals some more, work on improving the look of the film.

Overall i feel the feedback i got was fair, i disagreed with he comment about my quotes, i have no intention to change them, because i believe there is a market for them. I will relook at some of the design on my greeting cards, keep developing them and keep in improving them.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Greeting Cards - Group Critique

Today I took part in a critique of mine and others work, and to see how it has developed and how I can further my work. Personally I don't think the crit was held in a particularly good way today. It started late in the day and the day before the final crit. However,The feedback:
- Need to make them look like a set of six.
- Need to refine the quotes, perhaps shorten them ( However I don't really want to do this as i spent a long time researching different quotes, and i liked having the whole quote displayed rather than the classic one liner that you see everyday.)
- Need to re-work the format of the cards.
- Need to decide on a typeface to work with on my cards rather than having different ones.
- Look into film reals, directors , film grain, film stills and scripts.

I need to work on these cards throughout most the night, get them to a set of six that i am happy with ready for the FINAL CRIT tomorrow, at the moment I admit I'm not happy with the way they look together, but i do like the 'Taxi driver and the Shining' cards, Maybe I could develop these cards to make the others fit in with them.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Visual Communication in Context - Greeting Cards

The Second Task- Set of 6 Greeting Cards.

(LO2)Demonstrate that you have acquired the appropriate balance of conceptual, analytical and practical skills in order to communicate professional innovative design solutions.

We opened up the new project with a guest speaker and a designer that will be helping and advising us through out this task. Claire the guest speaker, showed us a selection of her work. Her story was interesting, as it was similar to mine, she started of on a two year course then did a top up course after. She found her self a good job which gave her lots of opportunity to start off in the business, unfortunately she had to leave and go freelance. I work was all based around illustration and layout design. Claire produces patterns which get sold to client to make what they want out of them.

Once we had learned Claire's story, i asked her for some help about how to start this task. The boundaries are so limited on this project, we need to decide on our target audience then produce the cards. My first ideas are to aim my work at men around 20's- mid 30's. This i feel is quite a good target to have, i will be able to base my idea around something that would appeal to me. I have chosen again to look at music or film, using various quotes and lines to produce a interesting typographical based set of cards. Obviously my idea needs to progress greatly but i feel like i have selected a good target and a interesting film to base it around.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Look Again/Think Again Critique

Advice that i picked up from the crit lead by Neil.
- Play with leading on the type at the top
-Posters need to grab attention. Maybe think about having a back drop to make the poster shout a bit more. Its a bit flat at the moment, does sell the idea in a strong enough way.
- Maybe having a photographs of certain memories underneath the card would bring the idea forward and make it a stronger piece of design.
-Play with tracking on the type at the bottom, does it need to be in capitals?!? The font at the top needs to be re-looked at as well, does that need capitals????

Advice that i picked up from the crit lead by Sally.
- Re look at the idea of having such a basic illustration, its a very flat image and it could be so much more interesting if the original images were used, tapes have alot of interesting detail on them, so why not show it. The buttons on the tape player - use of nice symbols could work as well.

Overall my idea was liked, the concept is there, i just need to get that visualization there as well. I'm out of time on this brief but i am taking the comments i was given and when i have a free moment i will try and improve my work by taking in the feedback i have received.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Look Again/Think Again Development

My idea had progressed overnight. My idea was about listing peoples favorite tracks and tracks that might have some sentimental meaning to a wide range of people e.g Power of love, may remind people of a high school dance.
So my idea was about making people appreciate music more, and to remember the music and let the music remind of you of the past. This all came from my original idea of playlists. the playlist i made whilst i was traveling became really important to me, i still have the playlists on my computer and when i listen to the songs the memories come back to me. I want to get this message across to people because music is a great way of triggering memories, i also it could have potential to be a interesting piece of design.
Tutorial With Neil
These are a couple of things i took away with me, to research into to develop my idea further....
- Look at the cassette tape
- Hand written playlists
- Start a campaign- Remember the music

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Visual Communication in Context 2 - LookAgain/ThinkAgain

The First Task - Look Again Think Again
(LO1) Demonstrate your understanding of corporate identity, banding and other visual identification systems within a historical, business and cultural context through practical application.
The first part of this brief is titled Look Again/ Think Again.
After being read the brief i started by looking at the two examples that were given to us. The idea of making a poster for an object that carries a value that goes beyond its intended purpose really appealed to me. I brainstormed a couple of ideas all based around my travels during the summer. My first thoughts were my belongings in my backpack e.g ipod, wallet, passport. After thinking up some ideas, i had a group tutorial lead by Neil.
My ideas of playlist that you create when your travel or go on holiday were liked, but i was given good advice as to which direction to look into. Idea's of visual elements were suggested to me, this all helped my idea progress. I need to spend a couple of hours thinking about it, having a play visually and see if my message could be communicated.

Monday, 29 September 2008

New Brief - Visual Communication in Context 2

To promote understanding and application of the principle of visual identification systems in an historical, cultural and business context.
To further develop your visual thinking and practical skills in order to produce professional and creative design solutions.
To promote understanding of how identity programmes in a professional environment are implemented across a range of business and promotional material.


Whats the point in PPRD....
To consolidate skills in planning and time management.
To encourage critical reflection and self evaluation.
To contextualize your learning in preparation for employment or level three study.
Through-out my second year i have again been asked to complete the unit: Personal Planning Reflection and Development. This unit asks me to keep an up to-date blog of my work. This will prove helpful as i can assess the my work, see where my weakness's are and then improve on them. Hopefully this unit will help me stay organized with my work. My main downfall last year was time management, I need to improve on this area greatly. Overall i am looking forward to starting this new Visual Communication year. I want to achieve a good mark, and have work that i am proud off. I will push myself further and keep my idea's generating and progressing.