Friday, 3 October 2008

Look Again/Think Again Development

My idea had progressed overnight. My idea was about listing peoples favorite tracks and tracks that might have some sentimental meaning to a wide range of people e.g Power of love, may remind people of a high school dance.
So my idea was about making people appreciate music more, and to remember the music and let the music remind of you of the past. This all came from my original idea of playlists. the playlist i made whilst i was traveling became really important to me, i still have the playlists on my computer and when i listen to the songs the memories come back to me. I want to get this message across to people because music is a great way of triggering memories, i also it could have potential to be a interesting piece of design.
Tutorial With Neil
These are a couple of things i took away with me, to research into to develop my idea further....
- Look at the cassette tape
- Hand written playlists
- Start a campaign- Remember the music