Thursday, 9 October 2008

Look Again/Think Again Critique

Advice that i picked up from the crit lead by Neil.
- Play with leading on the type at the top
-Posters need to grab attention. Maybe think about having a back drop to make the poster shout a bit more. Its a bit flat at the moment, does sell the idea in a strong enough way.
- Maybe having a photographs of certain memories underneath the card would bring the idea forward and make it a stronger piece of design.
-Play with tracking on the type at the bottom, does it need to be in capitals?!? The font at the top needs to be re-looked at as well, does that need capitals????

Advice that i picked up from the crit lead by Sally.
- Re look at the idea of having such a basic illustration, its a very flat image and it could be so much more interesting if the original images were used, tapes have alot of interesting detail on them, so why not show it. The buttons on the tape player - use of nice symbols could work as well.

Overall my idea was liked, the concept is there, i just need to get that visualization there as well. I'm out of time on this brief but i am taking the comments i was given and when i have a free moment i will try and improve my work by taking in the feedback i have received.