Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hope - Live Brief

This is the result of my live brief that i completed with Saffron - The design group that i worked with over the summer as part of my placement. I think the website designed is really successful, there are a few area's that need to be finished (some oThis is the result of my live brief that i completed with Saffron - The design group that i worked with over the summer as part of my placement. I think the website designed is really successful, there are a few area's that need to be finished (some of the text is still lorem ispum). But the main body and all the coding is complete.

We took a really friendly approach for this work. My Father the head of the design team at saffron found it particularly hard to get started on this brief because it was so unlike what he is use to doing. He is very familiar with doing boring financial reports and boring website, this was a opportunity for me and him to work on something a little more fun.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009


Mmmmmm... Tasty Marketing
Matt Desmier has given us another live brief to work on if we choose. I think i will have a attempt at this one, as its only small and wont take too long to complete, Its also another thing to add to my portfolio. The brief is to design a logo for 'Tasty marketing'. Tasty marketing is a new small marketing team based in Bournemouth, Dorset.
I started jotting down some ideas this morning. This is what i came up with on paper:

Thursday, 19 February 2009

FMP-Learning Agreement

Just finishing writing of my learning agreement. At the back of the unit handbook/brief the learning agreement writing guideline has been very helpful. When i was originally told we needed to write a learning agreement, i didn't have a clue what to do. But this guideline booklet has really saved the day.

I might need adjust my learning agreement at some stage, i worry i haven't been open enough with my chosen outcomes. I have specifically stated that i will be creating a typeface and a set of symbols. I want to re- write this it states that i am will be making material that will help aid people with dyslexia and reading and writing problems.

Screen Based Communication 2


I am reasonably happy with the result i achieved on this unit (58). It has pulled my average off the floor a little bit and it means i have a bit more of a chance coming of this course with a better mark. I now need to focus all my time making the FMP as strong as possible.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


What A Wonderful Waste Of A Day
Had a presentation of ideas today at university. Probably the biggest waste of my life. Didn't achieve anything from this other than killing 6 hours of my valuable time. The presentations where supposed to be a max of 1 minute long, 40 people in my class so i was happy thinking that it would be over within a hour. Now 6 hours later, i cant be bothered to do anymore work. This blog alone is making me want to shoot myself in the foot. So i am calling it a night, Good Night :(
This is what i showed today:

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Just when i manage to get up to date with my live briefs, competition briefs, PPRD, we get given a essay to complete. This essay is part of my bridging unit over into the Graphic Design Degree next year.I need to obtain at least 50% to get onto the course, so lets hope i get it done. First things first, i need to work out what it is I'm writing about. I want to do something related to my FMP this is so my research can be combined. Somethings along the lines of ' how designers communicate with type to people with learning disabilities'. I'm going to pop along over to learning support so they can give me some pointers about how to write this essay. I am also gonna send a email to Anna(unit leader) suggesting possible titles just to see what she thinks about it, before i get started on it. So this unit is properly my least favourite thing in the world but its pretty important, you could say....

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Creative Brief.
Just a quick look inside my head. This is a idea that i am thinking about running with for my final major project.
Intail Ideas
For my professional project I want to create a new typeface designed for and aimed at people that suffer from learning difficulties, specifically reading.

Reading difficulties can come from various sorts of neurological reasons, I will research into these so that I can create the best outcome possible, and most importantly an outcome that will work and communicate successfully with people that have various learning difficulties. There are various things I need consider- mainly, shape and colour. And how the brain interprets what it sees and makes the link.

What / Where / Why

A typeface designed so people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia can read and understand what is printed clearly and with ease. Not only will I look at the A-Z alphabet but look at designing symbols that could be used in a public environment e.g. airports / hospitals. The reason I believe this would be a good project to work on, is it will broader my understanding of typography, my research would teach me how to communicate to people with learning difficulties. Which I could then use in future design ideas.


The essay that I am completing as another part of my FdA can relate to this.
Potential essay titles;
‘ How graphic designers communicate using type and image to people with learning difficulties’
‘ The effect typography has on people with learning difficulties ’


Type spec – A-Z Alphabet
New symbols to be used in various environments (hospitals / airports)

Its time to start.......

Its the start of my professional, pretty excited but nervous about starting it. Need to get back into the right mindset so i can think of a good base idea, and i can start my research immediately. As i have said in prevouis posts i want to make sure i choose a idea that i will be happy doing for the next 12 weeks.
- i will list my varouis different ideas on this blog, and i will keep my blog up to date of my progress and development though this unit.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today we spent the morning taking photos of the PJ's smoothie bottle in various situations. We want to show the brand being drunk from our target audience. The photo we have taken show people relaxing after a long day drinking a smoothie, a person waking up in the morning and starting there day drinking a smoothie. We also placed a smoothie bottle onto a miniature leather sofa, so we could eliminate the person and just show the smoothie in full focus.
We now all want to edit and alter the photos and make the pj's bottle colour and the rest to be in the black and white.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Hope - Live Brief

Just a couple of rough mock ups, Get a feel for what the website might/needs to look like! What it needs and all the shizzz.
I have been sent most of the content now and i have received the Hope Logo in full resolution now too :)