Thursday, 23 October 2008

Greeting Cards - Group Critique

Today I took part in a critique of mine and others work, and to see how it has developed and how I can further my work. Personally I don't think the crit was held in a particularly good way today. It started late in the day and the day before the final crit. However,The feedback:
- Need to make them look like a set of six.
- Need to refine the quotes, perhaps shorten them ( However I don't really want to do this as i spent a long time researching different quotes, and i liked having the whole quote displayed rather than the classic one liner that you see everyday.)
- Need to re-work the format of the cards.
- Need to decide on a typeface to work with on my cards rather than having different ones.
- Look into film reals, directors , film grain, film stills and scripts.

I need to work on these cards throughout most the night, get them to a set of six that i am happy with ready for the FINAL CRIT tomorrow, at the moment I admit I'm not happy with the way they look together, but i do like the 'Taxi driver and the Shining' cards, Maybe I could develop these cards to make the others fit in with them.