Friday, 24 October 2008

Greeting Cards- Final Critique

Final critique today!! However was in a pretty bad mood, I was up working till 4 am last night, so i would have a set of six that i will be happy with showing in the crit.
The feedback that i got from todays critique:
-I was firstly criticized for my use of the quotes, apparently they are too violent i however disagree. I feel that the quotes i used appeal the audience i am targeting my work too. So i think i will keep the quotes the same as they. I will try making another set, so i can show that my idea works for films in general and it can be aimed at a wider audience.
-I need to find better film stills for Die hard, Pulp fiction casablanca and the shining- Icon( have the rights to many film stills.)
-Look into film reals some more, work on improving the look of the film.

Overall i feel the feedback i got was fair, i disagreed with he comment about my quotes, i have no intention to change them, because i believe there is a market for them. I will relook at some of the design on my greeting cards, keep developing them and keep in improving them.