Sunday, 2 November 2008

Visual Communication in Context - Animal

Third & Final Task - Animal Watch Box

L03 Demonstrate your ability to extend a visual identity program across a range of business or promotional material for print or screen based design.

Today i was given the 3rd and final task of 'visual communication in context 2'. This brief requires me to design and create a watch box for the UK based surf clothing and accessories company Animal. Animal started out as two surf enthusiasts getting fed up of losing there watches when they surfed so they came up with the waterproof Velcro strap. They started selling these straps to pay for surf trips all over the world.

I need to start by considering my target audience.
Animal watches are aimed at ages 16- upwards. Animal are a very popular clothing company in the extreme sport world, this includes water sports such as windsurfing and snow based sports like snowboarding. - To further my research i will look through relevent magazines and online clothing websites like Billabong and Quiksilver. These are animals main competition and to see how they promote their range will vital to my work. I will also look into other watch manufacturers like Casio, Swatch and others. By looking at the ways they package their watches i will be able to develop mine. Looking into material use and recyclable materials will help me as well.