Thursday, 20 November 2008

Visual Communication in Context - Evaluation

Handed in the first brief of the year today, felt pretty good. i had a nice body of work to be marked and most importantly work i was happy to be submitted. This first unit was really interesting to work on because it required me to use and develop my different disciplines. In the first part i was required to make a A3 poster that voiced my opinon about a subject that i felt approiate. I choose to base my poster about the idea of people using music to trigger memories. I was really happy with how this first poster turned out. i used really simple illustration and simple type to create a message that communicates clearly. Perhaps now looking back on it, i would have spent more time on the illustration to try convey the message more, my thoughts now would be to use photos and other visual elements that you would classically assiocate with way of triggering memories.
The second part of this unit required me to design and make a set of 6 greeting cards. This was the weakest part of the whole unit that i handed in. Although i like the look of the finished outcome, i feel that more work and research would have pushed this idea forward, and in result have created a better finished product. The film strip element needed more detail to make it more apparent that it was a film strip. The typography that i used on this project i feel worked well, i used the style of script writers and typewriters. By having little ink spills and marks around the type strengthened this look. I can see why i achieved a lower mark for this part of the unit.
The third and final part of the this unit was to create a watch box design. I spent time researching into stustainable materials and what animal as a company are all about. I decieded to use velcro straps to reflect the fact that animal started by making velcro watch straps for surfers. I also designed my box so that the instructions could be printed to the inside of the box to save of papers usage and so that animal could be more ecofriendly, the box was also designed to be made from 100% recyclable paper. I was really happy with how this project went, i was keen to get stuck into something a little more hands on and this project required me to do this. Required a bit more logical thinking about how the box will come togeather and how it will look, this a really enjoyed and is defently something to consider when i come to write my final major project and when i am looking for work after my degree.

I think i need to spend more time on researching my work before executing a outcome. I think this is a point that i really need to focus on now, as it is getting very close to my final major project and its going to require a lot of forward planning and research. And researching is defiantly an area which i dont allocate enough time. When it really should be a/ the prioity as it will in turn push my idea and allow me to create a better outcome.

Some thing to think about - For my final major project, find a why reason!! Make sure i choose a project that isnt going to be short on research, the project is going to be 3 months long and i dont want to get bored off it early on. So need to come up with an idea that will require lots of research. Most importantly it needs to be something i am interested in so i can keep self motivated.