Friday, 14 November 2008

Animal - Final Critique

I had my final critique today for the animal watch box. So far i am really happy with how fast my work is developing, and i think the graphics are looking good. I recieved the following Feedback:
  • Look into spot varnishing,
  • Investigate new colours
  • Reduce the amount of graphics on the outside of the box. So when the box is opened up the graphics are slightly different so adds more interest.
  • The Velcro tabs received lots of positive feedback however, perhaps its worth removing some tabs, so there is not so much velcro on the box, ATM it is quite hard to pull apart and see the inside, so by losing some of the velco tabs this should solve that problem- It might effect the strengh of the box though. So something else to looking into thier.
Overall i was really happy with the feedback i recived, their have been some points raised that i need to consider and develop. :)