Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Busy busy busy... today the team met up and continued working on the D&AD - PJ's smoothie brief. Individually we have all been really busy with live briefs and the screen based communication unit we have just completed. We've got a week now till we are handed our final brief of the course (our professional project). This is a great opportunity to get cracking and finish the live brief i have and the D&AD brief i have been working on as part of a team. We spent a few hours brainstorming our ideas again, just so the project is fresh in the mind and our goal is clear. We spent a while drawing out sketches and making mock ups in illustrator and photoshop. I have made up the idea i spoke about in my last D&AD blog post and it looked OK- still in much need of developing and expanding. To give us the best chance of handing in a successfull outcome we need to keep pushing and pushing our ideas- A few more suggestions that were made;
  • Using washes and splashes of colour to make poster vibrant and exciting.
  • The use of soft curved type to carry on the companies style.
  • Showing the fruit thats in the bottle.
  • Humorous taglines- stick in the mind
  • Show sport and leisure activities to make brand more apealing to target auidence.
  • Fruit and colour exploding out of the PJ's bottle.