Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today at uni we had a guest lecturer (Mike) from Farnham Art Collage in to speak to us about out progression with the competition briefs. The team and i had a discussion and idea generation with Neil and Mike. The feel that we are getting from this brief is that we shouldn't be looking at making the price or the fruit the focus of our campaign. Our main task is communicating with out target audience. We need to spend some time research and investigating into how other companies have done this. A few other campaigns we have looked at are; Red Bull, Tango, Tizer, Sprite. These 4 companies have all used fun and humorous themes through many of there campaigns, this way of marketing appeals to the 16-25 age group that we are looking to target.

Our first idea; to have a play on the word 'innocent' which are the major smoothie brand in the UK and they are PJ's number one competitor. Something like ' being innocent is OK, but being proper jolly is better' (proper jolly- one of pj's current captions). And an image of a bottle with horns and a viper tail made from fruit. - for a first idea i think its a good place to start, very light hearted and humorous. Also a good way to have a cheeky dig at innocent smoothies....