Friday, 9 January 2009

SBC2 - Online Portfolio - Interim Critique

Had another presentation of my work today, Kit Johnson lead the critique. The feedback i recieved is as followed:
  • Speed up animation with my identity
  • Home button. Load back to homepage- increase navigation. Should it go back to the splash page or the main page with the menu?
  • I need to change 'Gallery' with 'Portfolio' - Porfolio is a much better and professional way of naming my work. And this website is my online portfolio so it would be more relvent.
I'm really happy with the way my website is starting to look, however, it is in much need of development and i need to push my ideas further. This website is a key part of my communication to clients and professionals that i will be asking to employee me. So it is vital i make i good impression with my online portfolio.