Sunday, 1 March 2009

FMP - Progress

Final Major Project, lalalalala. Starting to slow down the pace at the moment, which isnt good! But i have been really busy getting my PPRD (this blog) finnished & Learning proposal & PJ's Smoothie, Anna's Essay and the Hope Brief. Ow and i had a crack at tasty marketing.

But basically i need to start to get back on to track with the FMP. I have a really nice concept i just am getting bored and bogged down by all the research. I often feel like , what else is there to research into??? I just need to keep pushing and pushing my idea. I had the idea of re-designing the london underground map or new york subway for dyslexic people. The tube systems are complicated enough withoout having confusing maps.

Think i might have to see if i can alter my learning proposal, like i mentioned in a earlier post.